Did you Know?

Hire a Harley


If you want to enjoy Cancun in style, then why not consider hiring a classic Harley Davidson? Of course, this should only be done if you are clued up on the rules of the road in the city, and you are legally able to drive a motorcycle. You’ll find that near the famous Aquaworld centre, ...

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Ferries in Cancun


Cancun is surrounded by a number of islands that tourists and residents love spending time on. If you fancy enjoying what’s on offer in the near by islands, then you can access them really easily by ferry. Some of the surrounding, popular islands include the likes of Isla Mujeres and the Cozumel. You’ll find a ...

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Rent a Car in Cancun


There are lots of places that you can rent a car from when you are visiting Cancun. It is generally advised, however, that you only rent a car in Cancun if you are clued up on their road laws and you feel comfortable driving a car in a foreign country. You can pick up brochures ...

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Airport Travel Advice


When travelling from the airport, there are lots of ways to get to your hotel. The cheapest option for you would be to get the bus from the primary bus terminal. However, the quickest way for you to get to your hotel would be to get a taxi to your hotel. This is unfortunately the ...

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Excursions and Trips


Planning transport for your excursions during your trip is easy. Most of the time, the tour guides that you might have booked with will arrange the transport for you and take you exactly where you need to go. However, if you are planning your trips yourself, you will come across a number of white vans ...

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Local Travel


As well as buses for tourists, there are also a number of city buses that go out to the furthest regions of Cancun. These city buses will go out to the regions where the locals live. The fares are usually one way as well, so if you’re planning on going right to the end of ...

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Buses are the Best Way to Get Around


There are three private bus lines that you can find in Cancun, and these are the best ways to get around the city. They go to and from the hotel zone, making them ideal for tourists. They are also used by residents however, as they travel into both central and Downtown Cancun. You can expect ...

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