The ME Hotel in Cancun is Designed to Surprise


The ME Hotel in Cancun is much unlike other hotels in the area. Many hotels throughout Cancun take on the traditional hotel style, with bricks and mortar on the outside, basic tarraces with fenced balconies and a general hotel feel. The ME Hotel is much different. Your terrace balcony has a glass wall on the edges, and you can even have a double bed on your own balcony, to relax in or even sleep there at night.

The essence of ME is luxury and modernity. It’s designed to be different and give you the chance to enjoy a modern stay in a traditional, historic area.

It’s located near a number of local historical sites as well. The hotel concierge will be happy to help you find the best local restaurants and bars, too, but don’t forget that the Hotel ME has a number of restaurants within its own complex.