Playa Caracol


The Playa Caracol is just opposite the Mayfair Plaza, and you can access the beach through a little wooden gate. The entrance is not far away from the Fiests Americana hotel, and you can also access it through the Xcaret bus terminal.

The Playa Caracol is the closest beach to the Punta Cancun, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular. The waters here meet with the Caribbean ocean, and they’re some of the clearest waters you’ll find on the island. They’re incredibly popular with snorkelers, as they can get a much better view of the fish swimming below them.

The beach is also popular with waterskiers, parasailers and others water sport enthusiasts.

A short walk away from the beach and you will come across a much smaller, more intimate stretch of sand. This smaller beach is ideal for children or people who have never swam in the sea before. The shallow water has a smooth and sandy ground to it as well, making it ideal. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars nearby for you to enjoy.