Ferries in Cancun


Cancun is surrounded by a number of islands that tourists and residents love spending time on. If you fancy enjoying what’s on offer in the near by islands, then you can access them really easily by ferry.

Some of the surrounding, popular islands include the likes of Isla Mujeres and the Cozumel.

You’ll find a number of departure points for these ferries, and they are generally situated around the hotel zone. One of the most popular and well-used departure points is the El Embarcadero, which is found not too far away from the Boulevard Kukulkan.

You can get your ferry tickets at any of the local pier ticket counters, and the journeys are generally quite short. You can get to Isla Mujeres in just 25 minutes on the boat. It’s a little longer to get to the Conzumel, at around 45 minutes each way, but the ferries are really fun to ride and have plenty of refreshments and entertainment available on board.