About Cancun

Did you Know?

Four million visitors arrive each year in an average of 190 flights daily.

Tourism and the Hotel Zone

Cancun Hotel Zone map

Tourism is a huge industry in Cancun. You’ll find the Nichupte Lagoon on the opposite side of the island of Cancun, away from the Caribbean Sea. This is one of the numerous tourist areas, which is specifically used for jet skiing, boating trips and other similar water sports and activities. The main hotel area, however, ...

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Education in Cancun


The education system in Cancun is not as sophisticated or successful as other parts of the world. In truth, the primary industry in Cancun is the tourism industry, which means that a lot of society actually focuses around catering for this form of business. It is largely a travel destination, but in the last few ...

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Cancun City Layout


Aside from the tourist zone found on the island, there is also the residential area of the city. This is the downtown area that is not often visited by tourists. Its official name is ‘El Centro’. Here in El Centro, you will notice that everything follows a regular, consistent local planning system. This master plan ...

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Temperature and Climate in Cancun


The climate in Cancun is ideal for anybody looking to catch some rays during their holiday. The area has a tropical climate, or more specifically, a tropical ‘wet and dry climate’. This means that there are significant rainy seasons each year, which are generally avoided by tourists (though some still visit to see the historic ...

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Transportation is Easy


Getting around Cancun is just as easy as getting around all the major cities in the world. First of all, there is the Cancun International Airport. This is the primary airport used for the area that has flights to and from North America, Central America, Asia, Wurope and South America. The airport is in the ...

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Archaeological Zones in Cancun


Throughout Cancun, one can still find a number of Mayan vestiges. In the Hotel Zone of Cancun, you’ll find El Rey (also known as Las Ruinas del Ray). There is also El Meco, which is a larger, better-preserved sire that can be found on mainland Cancun. It’s located jut outside of the city limits and ...

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The Basic History of Cancun


Some of the earliest historical, colonial sources have said that the island of Cancun was first of all known as the Nizuc. It was named this by the Maya inhabitants. The word ‘Nizuc’ meant either ‘point of grass’ or ‘promontory’. After the Conquest, in just three years, a large proportion of the population died off ...

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